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Success Stories

Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people re-vision their careers, meet their goals, and find the courage to follow their purpose and passion. Here are a few of their stories.

Will yours be next?

Reinventing a Career

Robert, a C-level executive in his company was suddenly without the 400 subordinates who had once reported to him. Government regulations had created a sea change in his career, and he was left rocked to his core. Through our sessions, he learned to identify what he was really passionate about in his work life. He had been relatively satisfied and successful before the changes took place, but once the structure was removed, he created a career that was truly fulfilling. He also created the opportunity for much greater connection with his family, a part of his life which had suffered under the old structure.

Learning to Believe You Deserve Success

Anne loved her art but was struggling to create more visibility and generate an income that could sustain her lifestyle. In our work together, she identified significant issues which blocked her from making the money she deserved. Her context was one of not deserving success. As the coaching process facilitated a shift in that perspective, Anne began to create art that she loved and that truly made a difference. She began to believe that her work was worthy of reward and related to it as valuable. By the way, she also designed a wonderful romantic partnership in the process of discovering her true value...along with a lucrative art career.

Building Better Work Relationships for Career Success

Darrell is a project manager in a high-tech firm. He became my coaching client because he wanted to leave what he felt was a “miserable” job and find a new one. In the process, he discovered that “wherever I go there I am." His angry and righteous attitude pushed people away and contributed significantly to his dissatisfaction in his current career as well as his inability to find another job. We worked to shift his defensiveness and create more harmonious working relationships with his colleagues. With more clarity about what it takes to create cooperative relationships, he is now ready to seek a new position. Not surprisingly, he is being offered a promotion in his current organization. He may stay or go, but whatever his choice, he now operates from a cooperative leadership position rather than a confrontational one.

From Burnout to a New Career in Coaching

Kerry is a former vice president who was nearly destroyed by the pressures of his job. Deciding to leave the “rat race,” he took two years to reflect on what he really wanted to do. His faith deepened, and he chose coaching as his new career. Though it is often tempting for him to be the hard-driving executive, Kerry has learned that working from curiosity and compassion serves him well as a business and personal coach. This new style, combined with his significant business experience, enables him to relate well to others who are facing the same issues in their corporate lives. He is thriving in his new career as an executive coach. 

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Steve is a director with a major pharmaceutical firm. Rather content with his role when we began working together, Steve was curious about what else might be available in his career. He had formerly been unsuccessful in an upper level position and, as a result, he shied away from new opportunities for promotion. The prospect of another failure was just too great. As we worked together, we discovered some of the issues that had contributed to the demotion. Once Steve recognized his blind spots, he was able to tackle them, and seek the level of promotion his talents deserved. His satisfaction soared; his income rose. His sense of self is now at an all-time high.

Understanding and Overcoming the Workaholic Syndrome

Jan is a mid-level manager who took work home nightly. She worked weekends, rarely saw her family, and had no romantic relationship. Her work was her life. Exhausted, she reached out for coaching. As we worked together, we discovered all the ways in which she inappropriately took on others’ work, rescued colleagues, over-functioned, and then felt resentful. Armed with this insight, she began declining extra assignments, realizing that she did not need to prove her worth and that she was indeed a valued member even leader of her team. Breakthroughs in asking for what she wanted and standing firm have now created an environment of success and the results she had long desired. Jan's life is full of possibilities now that she is no longer married to her job.


Restarting a Career—Powerfully

Kim is an accomplished keynote speaker and workshop leader. She was out of the workplace raising a child for the past eight years. She hired me to support her in stepping back into the career of her choice in a powerful way. Though she possesses a PhD, Kim's confidence was lagging due to the hiatus in her career. Together we created a plan for her re-entry and success, including the income she desired. Through the coaching process, she experienced breakthroughs in confidence and a new appreciation of the value she offers. Coaching empowered and launched her, and opportunities are coming her way as she continues to create the results she deserves. 


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