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I am fortunate to work with amazing clients as they make positive and lasting change in their lives. Read what they have to say about working with me as their coach. 

"Kathy is an extraordinary coach, a life leader, and a loving presence. As a result of working with her, I am on a wondrous journey and my compass is a gift from Kathy. How will I ever have the words to adequately express my gratitude?” —Kevin Carey, Technical Director, DieInfo

"The rewarding, full life I have now is the result of my partnership with Kathy Fleming. She patiently, lovingly,and skillfully supported my transformation from a very frightened, compulsive, angry, worrying woman to a joy filled, peaceful, singer/performer and successful coach, in love with myself, my life and the planet. I know who I truly am and where I am headed. Kathy is an irresistible invitation to others to see their unique possibility and go for it.  It gives me shivers to think where my life would be if we had not met and worked together." —D.B.

Relationship Coaching

"I have created the most amazing relationship with this man. Even though it doesn't look anything like I thought, I love it and am so grateful.  Thank you so much for a great coaching session with me today, and for being such a stand for me in relationship and possibility. Today, more than ever, I was so present to your gifts as a coach. You are totally at the Master Certified Coach level!  I am so grateful for you in my life." —B.M. 

Coach Training and Transformation

"There will never be a goodbye. Kathy's gift of transforming my understanding of my world with knowledge, compassion and love are with me every day. She changed my life and transformed my beliefs, my expectations, and my vision of the future. The gift of the deeper relationship I now share was awakened by her loving leadership. I am still recovering from the profound and inspiring influences of the program she led. I would and do recommend this program to anyone who will listen. —K.C. 

Leadership and Executive Coaching

"Kathy is an amazing coach. She is present, powerful, perceptive and compassionate. One thing that is very special about Kathy is her ability to be straight and clear while staying connected.  She relies on her intuition and is tuned in at multiple levels to what is going on.  Kathy is a role model for being courageous and powerful in her listening and speaking."

"Kathy routinely takes risks in service to her clients. She encouraged me to re-engage with my therapist because I was stuck in moving forward in one area in my life.   She believes in my greatness during those times when I don’t, and she consistently reminds me of what I am committed to when I get scared." —D.H. 


If you're seeking change in your personal and/or professional life, I should be working with you too! 

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