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My Coaching Clients

Organizational Leadership and Executive Coaching

I provide executive and leadership coaching for individuals and small groups. Organizations have cultures of their own either by design or by default. When communication/relationship problems exist at the leadership level, the entire organization suffers and productivity declines. Coaching illuminates the issues without placing blame and establishes a structure for change. The result is a happier, more productive work environment.

Anyone who seeks change can benefit from coaching. I have helped people from many different walks of life re-invent themselves and create happy, meaningful, and prosperous lives.  Whether it’s your career, your personal life or both, I will be your partner in transformation.

Career/Business Coaching
What’s missing in your current career? Should you change jobs or careers? Have you reached a ceiling in your leadership? Together we can identify the issues and create an action plan that will take you to the next level of career satisfaction and results.

Coaching for Management
Have you been promoted to a position of management and need help as you take on this new role? I can assist you in developing the organizational and interpersonal skills you need to manage, mentor, and motivate others. 

With a background in the high-tech industry myself, I work with managers in diverse fields including science and technology to help them gain the knowledge that will ensure their success in their management careers.


Boards and Management Teams
Boards and management teams have unique challenges. The way the members of a board or team relate to each other determines their effectiveness.  I am often asked to facilitate workshops and board retreats to promote better communication and relationships. It is amazing to see the transformation that can take place in a short time when buy-in of all stakeholders is achieved. 

Coaching for Coaches
I’m often called “The Coaches’ Coach” because I both train and coach business and life coaches.  As a faculty member of Accomplishment Coaching and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I specialize in mentoring new coaches as they begin their careers. Read more...

Life Coaching
Many people are opting for coaching to transform their personal lives because they've found that it is difficult to make real change without structure and support. What is the dream that you have had for as long as you can remember? Is it a relationship, a home, a new career, health and fitness, more balance in your life?  Whatever it is, as your partner we can co-create the focus and traction that you need.  No more weeks and months slipping by.  Declare and fulfill! 

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"Kathy is an amazing coach. She is present, powerful, perceptive and compassionate. One thing that is very special about Kathy is her ability to be straight and clear while staying connected. She relies on her intuition and is tuned in at multiple levels to what is going on. Kathy is a role model for being courageous and powerful in her listening and speaking."